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Iowans are already benefiting from reliable, affordable and clean renewable energy, and we lead the nation in wind power. As solar energy generation grows in Iowa, the benefits of renewable energy can be shared by greater numbers of Iowans.

At Bright Future Iowa, we will help more Iowans understand the benefits these projects provide to our state, our communities and our farmers. Renewable energy is a safe source of revenue and economic growth.



Swati Dandekar

Swati Dandekar is a former Ambassador, state utility regulator, and state legislator – and now an advocate for the growth of renewable energy in Iowa as Chairperson of Bright Future Iowa. 


Gentry Collins

Gentry Collins is the co-founder of Bright Future Iowa. He has a long history of bringing people together to solve issues, a role he continues to play as co-founder of Bright Future Iowa.

Outreach Director

Mike Carberry

Mike Carberry is a former campaign manager, advocate, and elected official specializing in sustainability, renewable energy and climate change issues. Now, he works with Bright Future Iowa as its outreach director and is dedicated to letting Iowans know about the local benefits of solar and expanding solar projects statewide.

Board of Advisors

Larry Murphy

Larry Murphy

Larry Murphy is a former State senator and Mayor of Oelwein, IA.

“I understand the value of new revenue for our communities and state. While mayor, I worked to expand energy options, and I believe solar energy is a critical piece of that dynamic. The success and sustained growth of our rural communities depend on new economic development opportunities that include sustainable energy sources like solar, among others.”


Ron Corbett

Ron Corbett is the former Mayor of Cedar Rapids, former Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives. He is the current Vice President of Economic Development at the Cedar Rapids Economic Alliance.

“I know that access to renewable energy, primarily wind and solar energy, is increasingly a key part of a company’s decision-making process on where to locate new factories and offices. To compete for 21st-century jobs, Linn County needs solar energy.”

Bret Nilles

Bret Nilles is the Linn County Democratic Party Chairperson and a retired finance manager from Rockwell Collins Aerospace.

“Our communities need to move forward, and we can lead the fight against climate change with solar energy being a huge step in the right direction. Sustainable solar farms will not only help to provide clean energy, but they will also help bring 21st-century jobs for our community.”


Linda Langston

Linda Langston is a former Linn County Supervisor and the former President of the National Association of Counties.

“As someone who spent time working with and advocating for county government nationally, I believe solar energy and solar farms are part of the future for rural counties and will contribute to their sustained growth and success across the nation.”

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