Solar Supporters Invited!

Please Attend:

Iowa Utilities Board Hearing on the Alliant Lee County Solar Project on April 13

The Iowa Utilities Board must approve the solar project.  The hearing is an opportunity for local residents to  support solar and the local economic benefits it will bring Lee County.

Iowa Utilities Board Hearing

This hearing is the final approval for the Lee County solar project. People who oppose solar will likely be there - let's make sure they also hear from supporters like you!

Continue to stand up for solar! Attend the April 13th IUB meeting to let them know Lee County wants solar energy!


Send us an email if you are interested in attending the IUB meeting!

Solar Benefits include:

Jobs during construction

Millions of dollars in economic development investment

Millions of dollars in property tax revenue paid to the county that can fund roads, school improvements, parks and other vital services
Energy not dependent on foreign sources of fuel

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