Leasing to Solar or Wind? “You Don’t Need That Farm.”

I’ve attended several county government hearings on solar energy projects, and one thing stands out: opponents to wind and solar projects are asking the government to intervene to prevent something from happening on your land, not their land. If anti-renewable groups prevail, they strip other property owners of their right to make decisions about their […]

Renewable Energy is Making Iowa Stronger

The evidence is in – Iowa counties with wind energy projects are stronger economically than counties without. Iowa began wind and solar development in the early 1990s, and today 62% of our electricity is generated from wind, solar and energy storage. That puts Iowa as the number one U.S. state in renewable energy electricity generation.

Solar Farms are a Matter of Property Rights


Since the 1830s Iowa farmers have made their own decisions about how to make a living and support their families with the land they own. Respect for that tradition has endured. Today, 67% of Iowa voters (74% in Linn County) agree that “farmers should not be told by the government what to do with their […]

Support for Solar is Strong.  Here’s Why

Support for solar energy is strong in Iowa.  In a recent survey, 68 percent of Iowa’s voters said “yes” when asked if they would support solar energy.  In Linn County alone 4,000 residents recently signed a petition in support of solar energy here.   Let’s look at why Iowans are embracing solar. Solar farms do more […]

Solar Farms will Benefit Linn County Families


Iowa has long led the nation in renewable energy. The chance has come to lead again, right here in Linn County, with the approval of two new solar farms, the Coggon Solar and Duane Arnold Solar projects.  Both would provide clean, affordable, energy to Iowa families, bring millions in private, economic investment to the area […]