Leasing to Solar or Wind? “You Don’t Need That Farm.”

I’ve attended several county government hearings on solar energy projects, and one thing stands out: opponents to wind and solar projects are asking the government to intervene to prevent something from happening on your land, not their land. If anti-renewable groups prevail, they strip other property owners of their right to make decisions about their […]

Solar Farms are a Matter of Property Rights


Since the 1830s Iowa farmers have made their own decisions about how to make a living and support their families with the land they own. Respect for that tradition has endured. Today, 67% of Iowa voters (74% in Linn County) agree that “farmers should not be told by the government what to do with their […]

Support for Solar is Strong.  Here’s Why

Support for solar energy is strong in Iowa.  In a recent survey, 68 percent of Iowa’s voters said “yes” when asked if they would support solar energy.  In Linn County alone 4,000 residents recently signed a petition in support of solar energy here.   Let’s look at why Iowans are embracing solar. Solar farms do more […]

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