2023 survey:

Iowa Voters Agree Renewables Provide a Brighter Future

Bright Future Iowa commissioned the Tarrance Group to conduct a survey of voters in Iowa.

A solid majority of Iowa voters say wind and solar energy are positives for rural communities.

Solar energy projects are a positive for rural communities


Wind energy projects are a positive for rural communities

Renewable Energy Projects a Force for Good


agree renewable energy projects drive jobs and provide money for community investments such as:




Other Vital Projects

The recognition of the positive role renewable play in our communities is growing:

14% increase from 2022 in those who agree renewable energy projects support investment in our rural Iowa communities.

Swati Dandekar
Iowans understand that renewable energy is a force for good in our state. Wind and solar projects invest in our communities.
Swati Dandekar
Chairman of Bright Future Iowa
Bipartisan Support for Renewables as a Property Right

64% agree

farmers should not be told by the government what to do with their land and can develop renewable energy projects if they choose.

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Gentry Collins
Ensuring our farmers have the tools and resources to succeed and provide for their families, including renewable energy development, must become a priority for our elected officials. It’s clear Iowans agree.
Gentry Collins
Support for Solar Grows Stronger in Linn County

Linn County approved two solar projects in 2022 and public support has grown even stronger since then.


68% of Linn County voters support new solar


72% of Linn County voters support new solar


of Linn County voters want the moratorium on applications for new solar projects to expire.

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Agreement that the moratorium should end is bipartisan:

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A statewide survey was conducted in Iowa from February 13th – 16th, with 500 interviews conducted among registered voters in Iowa.  An additional 300 interviews were conducted among registered voters in Linn County.  The margin of error is +/-4.5% on the statewide sample and +/-5.5% on the Linn County sample.

Read the Tarrance Group Statewide Survey Memo

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