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Two solar projects are proposed for Linn County – one at the former Duane Arnold nuclear site; and another near Coggon.  If constructed, the two solar farms would bring clean energy and economic development to Linn County.


The Duane Arnold Solar Project will generate electricity to power 600,000 homes.

Besides generating electricity, the three-phase solar project will provide:


Coggon Solar will generate 100 megawatts of clean energy, and also provide millions of dollars in property tax revenue to Linn County and create 350 local construction jobs.

Tax revenue from these projects can improve county services and infrastructure - from funding local schools to providing broadband internet or improving and building new roads.

Solar energy is clean and less expensive than fossil fuels, like coal or natural gas.

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The petition says:

We support Solar Energy in Linn County

For over a decade, local renewable energy projects have been good for Iowa’s economy and helped Iowa lead the nation toward a cleaner environment. We support the continued growth of renewable energy, including new solar farms in our communities. 

Solar farms will help provide income for local farmers and bring in new tax revenue for our communities, which can support first-responders, roads, bridges and schools. Additionally, the construction of solar farms will provide jobs for our citizens while attracting new businesses to our state who want access to affordable, clean energy.   

Solar farms are safe, reliable, and help make our climate cleaner today and for generations to come. 

As a citizen of Linn County, Iowa, I look forward to all the benefits solar energy brings to our community and call on our elected officials to support the future of solar energy in our county.

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