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2023 Survey Shows Voters Solidly Support Renewable Energy

Feb. 22, 2023

Cedar Rapids – Bright Future Iowa released the findings of a public opinion survey conducted by The Tarrance Group showing that registered voters in Iowa overwhelmingly support renewable energy. Roughly 70% of Iowa voters say that both wind and solar energy have been positives for rural communities and 64% agree that renewable projects as a whole are driving jobs and providing money for community investments in schools, parks, road and other vital projects. This is up from 56% of voters in 2022.

Iowa leads in homegrown, reliable, renewable energy

Cedar Rapids Gazette, Nov. 12, 2022

As the nation continues to be hit by inflation, supply chain issues and the pandemic, Iowa has powered through these challenging times by providing residents and businesses with affordable, reliable electricity. Keeping the lights on is essential to our communities and businesses. With vast open fields in America’s heartland, Iowa remains a clean energy leader, as of attracting almost $23 billion in capital investments and generating over $58 million in tax revenue, benefiting the economy and Iowans across the state.

Renewable energy report highlights economic impact in Iowa

Corridor Business Journal, Sept. 28, 2022

A new study shows wind and solar renewable energy produces billions of dollars of economic impact for Iowa.

The findings — by Goss & Associates and released by the Iowa Conservative Energy Forum — detail that wind investment and construction produced $34.5 billion in total impacts, $9.7 billion in wages and salaries and $3.7 billion in self-employment income since 1992.

Petition Supporting Linn County Solar Development Grows to 5,000+ Signatures

Press Release, Aug. 30, 2022

Palo – Bright Future Iowa delivered an additional 1,092 signatures in support of solar energy projects in Linn County to the Board of Supervisors at the first hearing for the Duane Arnold Solar farm last night in Palo. The 1,092 signatures are in addition to the more than 4,000 signatures presented to the Board in January, at a hearing for the Coggon Solar project, bringing the total to 5,093 petition signatures in Linn County in support of local solar development.

Windfarms raise incomes and house prices in rural US, study finds

CarbonBrief, Jun. 7, 2022

The research, published in the journal Energy Policy, found benefits in terms of jobs, taxes and land payments associated with renewable energy.

In the study, the authors used the variation in wind-power growth in counties across the US to assess economic outcomes for comparable areas. They say that their approach allowed them to isolate and prove the causal effect of windfarm construction on economic outcomes.

Let solar energy shine in Iowa

Cedar Rapids Gazette, Mar. 30, 2022

As a longtime Iowan, former Iowa Utilities Board member, and former state legislator, the success and prosperity of our state make me proud. Iowa has seen incredible growth and development across industries. This achievement proves to the world what we Iowans have known for decades — we are a state that is ready to shine.

Survey Shows Voters Solidly Support Renewable Energy

Press Release, Feb. 9, 2022

Cedar Rapids – Bright Future Iowa released the findings of a public opinion survey conducted by The Tarrance Group showing that registered voters in Iowa overwhelmingly support renewable and solar energy.  When asked if they would support new solar energy projects in Iowa, more than two-thirds (68 percent) of voters across the state said yes.

Linn County can lead Iowa’s solar era

Jan. 18, 2022

Iowa has long been positioned as a renewable energy leader thanks to our first-in-the-nation status in wind power. But now, we have a phenomenal opportunity to continue our energy leadership through growing solar power across our state. With the development of the Duane Arnold Solar Project, Linn County is positioned to lead our state into an era of solar growth, if approved.

Linn County Residents Support Solar: Bright Future Iowa Delivers Pro-Solar Petition to Board of Supervisors Signed by 4,000 Linn County Residents

Jan. 11, 2022

Cedar Rapids – Bright Future Iowa delivered a petition in support of solar farms in Linn County, signed by 4,000 Linn County residents, to the Board of Supervisors at a hearing tonight for the Coggon Solar Farm.  

Addressing the Board, Bright Future Iowa Chairperson Swati Dandekar said, “Support for solar in Linn County is strong.  Support for solar is bipartisan.  Solar energy is supported by farmers, union members and businesses.”

State and local regulators should approve solar projects proposed for Linn County

Cedar Rapids Gazette, Dec. 12, 2021

Meeting our lofty climate action goals will require some sacrifice and political courage. Educating residents about weatherization and efficient appliances is not going to cut it. We need industrial-scale renewable utilities and persnickety regulators shouldn’t stand in the way.

Renewable Energy Organization Announces Advisory Board to Help Promote Benefits of Clean Energy

Dec. 8, 2021

Cedar Rapids – Bright Future Iowa is a grassroots organization formed in 2021. The group is dedicated to increasing Iowa’s role as a leader in renewable energy. Bright Future Iowa is bringing people together to advance clean energy solutions, create jobs, grow the economy, and help provide for a cleaner environment.

Duane Arnold Solar will provide significant benefits to Linn County

Last week applications were submitted for the Duane Arnold Solar projects. The positive economic impact associated with the projects is undeniable. According to an economic impact study conducted by Strategic Economic Research, the two projects will have a combined positive economic impact of up to $260 million on the state of Iowa (including up to $154 million in Linn County). That includes the cumulative ripple effects of new jobs, wages, tax revenue and other economic activity during construction and over the estimated 30-year life of the projects. That kind of local investment can provide an incredible uplift to our local businesses and residents.

Alliant Energy plans to develop $750 million solar power project, largest in Iowa

Alliant Energy says it will invest $750 million in 400 megawatts of solar power generation and 75 megawatts of battery storage in eastern Iowa, making it the state’s largest solar project to date.

Linn and Johnson Counties are solar leaders

Eastern Iowa has long led the state in solar energy innovation, with Linn and Johnson Counties topping the list of solar hot spots. These counties, along with Washington, have the most solar installations with more than 400 each. After a decade of proven solar success, it is surprising that some in these communities are now publicly questioning the benefits and efficacy of solar technology.

Solar Project near coggon seeks permission to build

The application notes electricity generated by the project would “serve the load within the (Central Iowa Power Cooperative) member system, including Linn County.” Additionally, Linn County would receive an estimated $4,750,000 in property tax revenue over the life of the project, according to the application.

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