Petition Supporting Linn County Solar Development Grows to 5,000+ Signatures

Bright Future Iowa Delivers Pro-Solar Petition to Board of Supervisors at Duane Arnold Solar Hearing

Aug. 30, 2022

Palo – Bright Future Iowa delivered an additional 1,092 signatures in support of solar energy projects in Linn County to the Board of Supervisors at the first hearing for the Duane Arnold Solar farm last night in Palo.  The 1,092 signatures are in addition to the more than 4,000 signatures presented to the Board in January, at a hearing for the Coggon Solar project, bringing the total to 5,093 petition signatures in Linn County in support of local solar development.

Bright Future Iowa Chairperson Swati Dandekar said, “Linn County residents stand solidly for solar development.  They see solar as a path to a brighter future with economic growth, new jobs, and cleaner energy for our environment.  Approval of projects like Duane Arnold Solar, and Coggon Solar earlier this year, delivers that future for our community.”

Dandekar also highlighted the support for solar projects measured by a public opinion poll Bright Future Iowa released earlier this year.

“Our survey shows that 66 percent of Linn County voters support new solar energy projects, a fact reinforced by the more than 5,000 people in Linn County who added their names to our petition.”

According to the survey, respect for property rights was one reason voters support solar energy projects.  Seventy-four percent of Linn County voters agreed that “farmers should not be told by government what to do with their land, that they have the right to use their land how they choose, including to develop renewable energy projects.”

Said Dandekar, “Having the opportunity to lease a portion of your farm to solar can help our local farm families.  Solar can provide additional income that can mean the difference between keeping the farm in the family, or not.  A great example is Renee Potts and her siblings, who see a solar lease with Duane Arnold as a lifeline that saves them from having to sell their parent’s farm when they inherit it.”

Bright Future Iowa featured the Potts family, who own a farm near Palo, in a video shared over social media this week, as an example of how solar projects can help local farm families.

“From families like the Potts, to the construction workers, and to all residents of Linn County who will benefit from the project’s estimated $154 million boost to our local economy, Duane Arnold Solar will improve the lives of people who live here,” said Dandekar.

Full text of the petition:

We support Solar Energy in Linn County.

For over a decade, local renewable energy projects have been good for Iowa’s economy and helped Iowa lead the nation toward a cleaner environment. We support the continued growth of renewable energy, including new solar farms in our communities.

Solar farms will help provide income for local farmers and bring in new tax revenue for our communities, which can support first-responders, roads, bridges and schools. Additionally, the construction of solar farms will provide jobs for our citizens while attracting new businesses to our state who want access to affordable, clean energy.  

Solar farms are safe, reliable, and help make our climate cleaner today and for generations to come.

As a citizen of Linn County, Iowa, I look forward to all the benefits solar energy brings to our community and call on our elected officials to support the future of solar energy in our county.


5,093 Linn County Residents

Bright Future Iowa helps Iowans understand the benefits renewable energy projects provide to our state, our communities and our farmers.  Renewable energy is a safe source of revenue and economic growth.

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