Act Now! Protect Your Property Rights in Buchanan County!

The County Board of Supervisors is gearing up for crucial public hearings on proposed changes to our wind ordinance. Don’t wait – join us in opposing these harmful regulations that threaten your rights as a property owner.

Iowans deserve the freedom to make a living off their land as they see fit. Yet, a minority of anti-renewable activists are pushing for unnecessary government intervention, putting your property rights at risk.

Don't stand idly by. Protect your rights!

Attend one of the upcoming hearings and join us in safeguarding our rights. RSVP today for pre-hearing meetups and essential updates.

All hearings are at the Brandon Community Center, 802 Main Street, Brandon, IA Come to all 3 if you can!

Don’t Wait for the Hearing - Here’s What You Can Do NOW


Get informed – see the information on this page


Send a message to your Supervisors and tell them to protect property rights. Take Action


If you’ve already written to the Supervisors, copy and share this link with friends and family and ask them to do the same:


Share information on your Facebook page [Start by sharing this video of Buchanan County farmer Raynor Hoffman]

How are the proposed changes infringing on property rights?


The ordinance changes boldly assert the right of the community over individual private property landowners, setting a bad precedent for government overreach in other areas.


The changes go beyond reasonable regulations that are working in other Iowa communities.


It sets an arbitrary limit on the land that can be used for wind turbines. This is the Government overreaching saying they know what’s better for a farmer’s land than the farmer does.


It forces farmers to change the zoning designation away from agriculture. This is a permanent change to the land. Wind farms are voluntary leases for a pre-determined period of time and afterwards the land returns to farming. This forced change has unknown consequences for the future of the land.


The ordinance imposes extremely unnecessarily long and restrictive setbacks beyond what we’ve seen across Iowa for two decades. Iowa has successfully welcomed wind farms, benefitted from their development, and protected the nearby residents for years. This proposed ordinance is now trying to completely rewrite what’s worked for years.


The purpose of the proposed changes is to effectively ban wind energy, removing the option for private landowners who see wind energy as a needed source of income – preventing farmers from using their OWN land to support their families.

We believe we can protect the property rights of farmers who voluntarily decide to lease part of their land to wind energy, while having common-sense requirements that respect the needs of neighboring landowners.  

Our Property Rights are Being Surrendered by Anti-Wind NIMBY Activists

Buchanan County already has a common-sense wind ordinance that preserves our property rights while addressing concerns about wind energy.

The P&Z changes are pushed by anti-wind NIMBY activists who are willing to weaken everyone’s property rights in a desperate attempt to stop wind power.

Farmers are the best stewards of their own land – not government bureaucrats.

Here’s what Buchanan Farmers have to say about the P&Z intrusion on property rights:

Property rights are something that belong to me and every other landowner. Our zoning laws and this future wind ordinance exist to set the framework for what can be done on property, BUT setting some type of precedent that a community has a right over property we own is completely counter to everything we believe.
Dawnye Sturtz
The Buchanan County P&Z committee has made ordinances that are both ridiculous and arbitrary to prevent farm owners from ever being able to construct wind turbines on their properties. They feel they are following the wishes of “the community.” There is no consideration to the farmers in the county.
Brad Lichty

Lifelong Iowa farmer Ranor Hoffman on Iowa’s tradition of respecting property rights and our farmers.

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Iowans support property rights

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64% agree

farmers should not be told by the government what to do with their land and can develop renewable energy projects if they choose.

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(Statewide survey conducted by the Terrance Group in 2023)

[Read more survey results]

When Farmers Lease Land to Wind (or Solar) Everyone in the County Benefits

Renewables are improving lives in Iowa

Private Investment

$23 billion invested in Iowa from wind, solar and battery storage.

Money for Schools, Roads, First Responders

$58.8 million in property, state and local taxes paid in 2022 by clean energy.


8,961 jobs supported on average from wind energy investment and construction.

3,238 jobs supported each year through 2025 from solar investment and construction.

Support for Farmers

$70.2 million in land lease payments to Iowa landowners in 2022.

Speak up for Property Rights! Tell your elected county supervisors to vote no on the P&Z’s anti-property rights proposal!

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