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An anti-renewable activist tells her county Supervisors that farm owners who leased a part of their farm for solar energy “don’t need that farm.” She wanted her local government to take away the option for that family – and others – to decide for themselves how to use their land.

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The Potts Family Chose to Lease Some of their Land to Solar so They Could Keep Their Farm.

Anti-renewable leader wants to take it away

Renee Potts’ Mom and Dad purchased a farm near Palo after her dad left the Navy.  Her father is older and no longer able to farm, and Renee and her siblings can’t take it over.  Rather than sell and lose their family legacy, Renee’s family chose solar for a portion of their farm.

Renee Potts speaking in front of the solar commission

Solar Saves the Potts Family Farm

As she told Linn County Supervisors at a hearing on the future of the solar project Renee’s family is leasing to:

I’m here to support my dad, Ron Potts, to stand by my siblings and other fellow landowners. Solar is the right choice, and we are in the middle…and for me personally, it keeps the farm in the family.

Anti-Renewable Leader to Potts Family – You Don’t Need That Farm

As an anti-renewable leader told the Linn County Board of Supervisors, mentioning the Potts family specifically:

Look at the jobs those kids have. They don't need that farm.

If they can tell you that you can’t have solar panels on your personal property, what else can they tell you to do with your land?

For me personally [solar] is about keeping the farm in the family.

Sticking our noses into other people’s business and personal decisions about using their land is inconsistent with Iowa’s respect for property rights. We can adopt common-sense parameters around renewable energy projects in response to neighbor concerns. Still, those concerns shouldn’t override the rights of farmers who see renewable energy as a good fit for their farm and family.

Families Like the Potts Will Benefit from Renewable Energy Projects – and So Will Everyone in the County

Economic boost for THE county

Construction jobs

New property tax revenue from the renewable energy project to the county

Homegrown energy, helping do our part to promote American energy independence

Why Farmers Decide to Lease Land to Wind or Solar Farms

Reliable source of income for decades

Income secure from bad weather or drought

Diversify their income

Today Iowa’s farmers decide to grow crops for a variety of purposes, including corn for ethanol and soybeans for soybean oil, to replace machine grease. Solar or wind farming is another option.

Farmland Preserved

Renewable energy companies must return the land to its original state at the end of the project. Farmland owners can return their land to crop farming after decommissioning if they choose.

Keep renewables as an option for farm families

Help other families like the Potts keep their land

Protect Property Rights 

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