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February 9, 2022


Survey Shows Voters Solidly Support Renewable Energy

Cedar Rapids – Bright Future Iowa released the findings of a public opinion survey conducted by The Tarrance Group showing that registered voters in Iowa overwhelmingly support renewable and solar energy.  When asked if they would support new solar energy projects in Iowa, more than two-thirds (68 percent) of voters across the state said yes.  Support for solar projects among voters in Linn County was 66 percent.

Said Swati Dandekar, chairperson of Bright Future Iowa, “Iowans want and support renewable energy in our state. And as Iowans learn more about solar’s economic and environmental benefits, and the financial stability solar provides our farmers, the stronger that support becomes.”

After hearing about the local benefits of projects in Linn County, 71 percent of voters statewide expressed support for solar projects in the state.

“Voters in Iowa like the fact that solar leases provide financial security to farmers that allows them to continue to farm the rest of their land and keep their farms in their families,” said Dandekar.  “There’s a strong respect for private property rights in Iowa, and most voters want farmers to have the right to use their land as they see fit, including using it for renewable energy projects.”

The survey found that support for solar energy projects is driven by three key elements:

Respect for property rights

67 percent of Iowa voters (74 percent in Linn County) agree that “farmers should not be told by the government what do with their land; they have the right to use their land how they choose:  including to develop renewable energy projects.”

Economic support for rural communities

By more than two-to-one, voters across the state agree that the economic advantages of solar projects, including jobs and new tax revenue that help fund rural government services, are worth the costs.

Reduction in carbon emissions

72 percent of voters across the state view climate change as a high or important priority and 64 percent are likely to support solar projects when they learn they help reduce carbon emissions.  

Said Dandekar, “The survey reinforces the points many Iowans are telling Bright Future Iowa.  Across the board, support for solar energy is strong and based on traditional Iowa values of respect for property rights, building our rural communities and being good stewards of the environment.”

The Tarrance Group conducted the survey January 24-30 among 500 registered voters in Iowa and an oversample of 344 Linn County residents.

Read The Tarrance Group Survey Memo.


Bright Future Iowa helps Iowans understand the benefits renewable energy projects provide to our state, our communities and our farmers.  Renewable energy is a safe source of revenue and economic growth.


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