Wind Power Facts

We get most of our electricity in Iowa from wind AND we pay among the lowest average price for electricity

Iowa gets 62% of its electricity form wind – the highest share of wind generation in the U.S.

We are among the 10 states with the lowest average electricity prices.

Taxpayers pay less thanks to wind

Wind projects (and solar projects) make substantial local tax payments. For example, a wind farm in O’Brien County in Northwest Iowa pays 8 times more in taxes than the county’s next largest taxpayer.

As a result, O’Brien County’s tax rates plummeted from the third highest in the region to the third lowest.

Wind powers Iowa jobs

8,961 jobs in Iowa are supported on average each year from wind energy investment and construction.


Wind energy is reliable revenue for Iowa’s farmers

Iowa farmers received $74.6 million in land lease payments from wind and other clean energy projects in 2022.

Wind Power is Safe

Find out what Iowa’s leaders are saying about renewable energy – and why.

"Wind is a critical part of our nation's all of the above energy strategy. It creates thousands of jobs, supports economic development, boosts tax receipts, attracts investment in our state and puts extra money in farmers' pockets."
Chuck Grassley
Senator Chuck Grassley

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