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Linn County residents support solar!

Iowa is Behind on Solar

We are one of the top producers of wind energy and ethanol but among the last in solar.

Climate Emergency

Linn County leaders have declared climate emergencies – but we need action. Approving solar farms in the county is a real step towards creating clean energy.

Solar Energy Potential

The Coggon Solar Farm and Duane Arnold Solar Farm will generate 300 megawatts of clean energy and provide millions of dollars of economic development funding for Linn County

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefit to Farmers

Many farmers who lease a portion of their land to renewable energy companies are provided with financial security.  This allows them to continue to farm the rest of their land and keep the land in their families.

Soil preservation

Proper soil management during the project contributes to agricultural sustainability. Farmers can resume planting crops after decommissioning if they choose.

No taxpayer money needed

The construction of wind and solar farms is not funded by the government or taxpayers, but rather private companies making an investment in renewables.  No local tax dollars will be used to build these projects.

Solar Panels are Solid

Solar panels are solid and sealed and cannot be penetrated by rainwater. In the same way the screens on the smartphones we carry with us all the time do not leak, solar panels do not leach.

Protecting the land

Solar developers make plans to control erosion and runoff by adding vegetation around the panels, as well as beautify the site with natural buffers.  They also set aside money to restore the land to the same or better condition it was in before, after the solar farm lease ends, so farmers can resume crop farming, if they wish.

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